English Resources

PASS English Resources from Australian participants

In this Google Drive folder, you will find a number of English resources shared by PASS Australian educators including:

These resources were shared by PASS Australian educators, Megan Henry from St Paul's College and Carly James from Hurlstone Agricultural High School.

PASS Foto Friendships

Poro Piksa

Foto Friendships supports students to become photojournalists. Through this activity, students will record one second of their day over four weeks to capture daily life, family, school, cultures and natural environment using the 1 Second Everyday free mobile phone App. Students will then compile their footage into a short video and share it with their peers. 

PASS_Foto Friendships_Student Workbook.pdf

PASS Indigenous Astronomy

Astronomi belong ol Native Pipol

Indigenous Astronomy Learning Activity is designed to help students develop an understanding of the unique scientific understanding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have of the land by exploring their oral traditions and Dreamtime stories relating to Astronomy and Astrological phenomenon.

As much as possible, students are encouraged to reach out to their local Indigenous communities to form connections with them and learn about their own local traditions and customs and where these might relate to the world around them.

Indigenous Astronomy_Teaching Guide.pdf
Indigenous Astronomy_Student Workbook.pdf

PASS Media Lab: Storytelling 

Tokim Stori

Telling your Story

“The universe is made of stories”, said the American poet, Muriel Rukeyser. Stories are everywhere. We, as humans, make sense of the world around us through telling and listening to stories. Stories can come in any form, whether they are told orally, in a book, in a film or on social media channels like YouTube and TikTok. As new technologies rapidly become more available, the way we tell our stories will also change. Many people now use their phones to record, edit and share their stories online. But you do not need fancy equipment to tell a story – all you need is your voice or a pen and paper to share your story with others.

The Storytelling (Tokim Stori) course is designed to help students tell stories in engaging ways across various media and platforms and to encourage them to experiment with different language techniques and narrative techniques in their own writing. The activities are aimed at fostering critical thinking, imagination, creativity and independent thought in order to enhance student's personal, social, intellectual and imaginative development. As students work through this course, they will acquire a practical understanding of how storytelling works by developing skills in critical reading and practical writing, as well as critically appraising and offering feedback on the work of their peers.

Teachers Guide_Storytelling course.pdf
Student Workbook_Storytelling course.pdf

PASS Student Reporters

Tokstori Niuepepa

Through Student Reporters, students will gain an insight into the fundamentals of ‘the role of the reporter’ and how to create a short audio report inspired by local events, news and items of interest. Students will explore techniques for researching, preparing, presenting and recording reports. Trainers include young female PNG-Australian writers, journalists and communicators.

Student Reporters_Student Workbook.pdf

PASS Tokstori bilong COVID-19

A Creative Response to COVID-19

Share a short creative response to the question: "How have you and/or your community reacted positively in the time of COVID-19?"

Submissions can be:

Untitled presentation

PASS Tokstori bilong Yumi

Tokstori bilong YumiOl stori bilong yumi long taim bipo / Our stories from the past, is a student learning activity that has been designed for Papua New Guinean and Australian students and teachers. 

The goal of this activity is to keep our traditional histories alive through story. This activity will support students to document the stories of the past – the historical recounts, narratives and legends of our first nations people, places and lands - on which we now live and connect.  

Student Learning Journal.pdf
Teachers Guide.pdf

PASS We Change the World

Yumi Sensim Ples Graun

We Change the World supports students to explore the power of art and design to inform positive change in the world. This project brings together STEM, the environment & global and local affairs. Students will contribute to a creative project inspired by what's happening in their own communities and the world more broadly through a poster design. 

We Change the World is designed and delivered in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). 

We Change the World Workbook.pdf

PASS Windows on the World

Kain kain lukluk long ples graun

Share a glimpse into our lives and to allow us to better connect and understand each other. 

This is designed as an individual task, but you may wish to complete it in small groups. 

Window on our World

12 Fun Speaking Games for Language Learners 

Here are 12 easy and interactive activities to support English teachers to get students talking in a language they’re still learning.

The activities come from the Edutopia website that has 1000’s of free classroom ideas for teachers around the world.

Learn more here

ABC Education Learn English

Learn English is a free service by Australia’s public broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, providing digital content to help anyone learning English as a second language (ESL), including video series. You can also watch their videos on YouTube.

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ABC Reporter Sean Dorney's Emotional Return to PNG

Sean Dorney got thrown out of PNG for his reporting, yet he received one of its top honours. He skippered its footy team and fell for a local girl. Now suffering motor neurone disease, he makes an emotional final visit in this ABC Foreign Correspondent episode. 

Learn more here

AFTRS Media Lab

Resources for making documentaries, screenplays and podcasts by the Australian Film Television and Radio School. 

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Australia: Great Sporting Land

Explore the unifying spirit of Australian sport - from tales to traditions, larrikins to legends in this Google Arts & Culture story.

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Behind the News

ABC's Behind the News (more commonly known as BTN) is an educational news program aimed at 10-13 year old kids. It unpacks and explains news and current affairs to young people in a dynamic and creative way

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Evidence for Learning: Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools

A guide by Evidence for Learning offering schools and teachers recommendations to improve outcomes in literacy for secondary school students. 

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Power Meri Film and Education Guides

There are a number of study guides suitable for secondary students at all year levels to explore themes and issues raised in the film Power Meri.

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Seven Billion People, Seven Billion Stories

What makes a compelling life story?

This English curriculum unit gives Year 9 students experiences of listening to, viewing and reading the life stories of a range of diverse individuals including an Australian Aboriginal artist, a local environmental activist and a female AFL football star.

Developed by the Australian Association of Teachers of English it provides step-by-step support to produce and share a life story in print or digital form.

There are 100’s of curriculum units on this site developed by English teachers across Australia.

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Student Voice Strategy a day

A table with a range of student voice strategies provided by Pivot PL.

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TED-Ed Student Talks

Speak to the world! TED-Ed Student Talks

TED short talks are a powerful way of communicating "ideas worth spreading". TED-ED Talks help develop and amplify student voice. They believe there is a multitude of impact when students are asked about what they care about, are working as a group to develop ideas, and are invited to share those ideas in front of a larger audience. Through the TED-ED program, students develop 21st century skills, deepen their student-student and student-educator relationships, and are better prepared to advocate for the problems of today and the future.

The TED-Ed Student Talks program provides a free curriculum that supports students in identifying, developing and sharing their ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. This curriculum is used in over 130 countries by educators in classrooms, schools, extra-curricular settings and educational organizations.


See the TED-ED program here: https://ed.ted.com/student_talks. Listen to one of the student TED-Ed talks – like Staecey from Burundi who describes her journey from war to peace – and sign up to get the free curriculum materials for educators.


Educators have the option to upload their students’ recorded videos to the TED-Ed team. Nominated videos can be shared globally on our TED-Ed Student Talks Youtube channel. What a great opportunity for PASS students!

Woven Stories from PNG

This Google Arts & Culture story takes you on a journey into the world of hand-woven Bilum bags of Papua New Guinea.

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