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PASS Effective Learning Action Research

Lik lik lain wantaim

The Effective Learning Action Research (ELAR) activity is a five-week action research program exploring innovative classroom practices for effective teaching and learning, using a rapid action research approach. The focus of this activity will be how to better engage girls in STEM and is targeted at Science, Maths and Technology teachers. The program is supported by the Girls in STEM Toolkit developed by Education Services Australia.​

PASS Essential Pedagogies Toolkit 

Tulkit bilong ol samting long lainim

Developed by Chris Harte, Director of Unstuck Learning and PASS Learning Designer & Facilitator, this course provides a teaching toolkit of essential pedagogies.

By undertaking this course, teachers will:

PASS Learner Centred Pedagogies and Project Based Learning

Lainim lo wei belong skulim ol lain i laik kisim save na kisim skul bihanim wok projek

Be part of the crew exploring the world of project-based learning. Students are at the centre of their learning and puts you into the position of being a learning experience designer.

By the end of this course, teachers will:

The Learning Journal provided for the learner centred pedagogies workshop delivered to PASS PNG participants in March 2020, explores the world of project-based learning which puts students at the centre of their learning and puts teachers into the position of being a learning experience designer. Estimated time to complete the course: 16 hours.

PNG ELO __ Learning Journal.pdf

PASS Shark Tank eSchool

Sak Tank

Shark Tank is an action-learning program that develops the future skills of entrepreneurial thinking and mindset. It is focused on how to work as a team, collaborate with others, develop interpersonal skills, collect, analyse and use data and develop problem-solving techniques.

PASS Teaching and Learning Strategies from Australian Participants

View full list of Teaching and Learning Strategies here

In this Google Drive folder, you will find some resources around teaching and learning strategies shared by PASS Australian educators, including:

These resources have been shared by PASS Australian participants, Dan O'Brien from Bundaberg SHS and Sharon Davis from Hurlstone Agricultural HS.

AEF Intercultural Understanding Toolkit

Intercultural understanding has become fundamental to education in a diverse and interconnected world. This toolkit by AEF includes information and resources to support you to address the Intercultural understanding general capability in the classroom.

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AITSL Spotlight – What Works in Online/Distance Teaching and Learning?

This AITSL Spotlight identifies best practice evidence to guide teachers on setting up online learning and advice teachers can give to parents during this process. Key consideration is given to principles demonstrated to benefit student outcomes and wellbeing. 

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AITSL Spotlight_What works in online distance teaching and learning.pdf

Educator on Board

CSIRO is Australia’s major science agency with an extensive website for teachers. See:

Gender Equity in Schools Resource Book

This resource book was developed by the PNG Department of Education to support the implementation of the Gender Equity policy. 

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The Future of Work

The future of work looks exciting. New careers and ways of working are opening up as new technology is introduced and globalisation continues. These changes will reshape the nature of work itself. Teachers need to understand these changes in order to help young people understand what the future of work could look like.

The Australian Government’s My Future website contains resources for students and teachers. Click the following link to see resources on the future of work including 5 Things to Know About the Future of Jobs from the World Economic Forum and 25 emerging occupations identified by the Australian National Skills Commission.

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Mainstreaming Gender Equality

Tool 13 of the UNESCO Gender in Education Network in Asia-Pacific (GENIA) toolkit is about mainstreaming gender equality in primary and secondary schools

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Online Teaching Toolkit

This Online Teaching Toolkit – Making it happen has been developed to help schools navigate the challenges of online learning; equipping teachers with a new set of possibilities to assist them rapidly adjust and tailor their practices. 

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Passion Toolkit

Research shows that passion can drive and develop deep learning, and help to change the paradigm from one of success and failure to one where growth and motivation are celebrated.

The Passion Toolkit, developed by schools in Australia, is a step-by-step approach to assist students to identify and know their passions, and for teachers to better know their students and develop the joy of learning. 

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The Spiral Playbook

Supporting teachers to make classroom change: The Spirals of Enquiry Playbook 

The Spiral Playbook is in wide use with teachers and education systems around the world and is useful for PASS Professional Learning Networks.  The central argument in the playbook is that curiosity propels change. Creating the conditions in school districts and learning settings where curiosity is encouraged, developed and sustained is essential to opening up thinking, changing practice, and creating dramatically more innovative approaches to learning, teaching and leadership.

The Spiral Playbook introduces you to the key ideas for setting a spiral of inquiry in motion with your team, and for building an inquiry learning network.

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Teaching and Learning Toolkit

The Teaching & Learning Toolkit summarises the global evidence base on 35 different approaches to lift learning outcomes in schools. You can view all approaches, see approaches relevant to primary or secondary schools or look at approaches by school management area.

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