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PASS Food Security Design Sprint & Guided Project

Growim kaikai long bihain taim

The Food Security Design Sprint is a blended model of delivery that utilises the design thinking framework to investigate food security in the context of Asia-Pacific. The activities will provide an opportunity for participants to: 

Following the Design Sprint, students will have the opportunity to refine and improve their Student Pitch by following the steps provided in the Guided Project. 

Student Workbook_Food Security Design Sprint.pdf

Food Security Design Sprint Student Workbook

Food Security Guided Project_Student Workbook.pdf

Food Security Guided Project Student Workbook

PASS Indigenous Astronomy

Astronomi belong ol Native Pipol

Indigenous Astronomy Learning Activity is designed to help students develop an understanding of the unique scientific understanding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have of the land by exploring their oral traditions and Dreamtime stories relating to Astronomy and Astrological phenomenon.

As much as possible, students are encouraged to reach out to their local Indigenous communities to form connections with them and learn about their own local traditions and customs and where these might relate to the world around them.

Indigenous Astronomy_Teaching Guide.pdf
Indigenous Astronomy_Student Workbook.pdf

PASS Biology Resources from Australian Participants

View full list of Biology resources here

In this Google Drive folder, you will find a number of Biology resources shared by PASS Australian educators, including:

These resources were shared by Karen Kirk from St Paul's School and Amy Tovey from St Paul's College.

PASS Hands on Science Resources from Australian Participants

The two Hands on Science resources below, a teacher handbook and student posters, were developed by O'Loughlin College and Port Moresby National High School as part of their school partnership project in 2019

The guidebook has a range of different activities that will suit different learners and class contexts. Each activity explains why the activity should be used, when the activity should be used, what equipment is needed, and how to coordinate the activity. It also suggests alternative options and provides an exemplar and template for photocopying/laminating. 

O'Loughlin College and Port Moresby National High School have kindly to share these with the rest of the PASS community for all to use.

Hands-on Science Games - Teacher Handbook - Nicholas Jack.pdf
Hands-on Science Games - Student Posters - Nicholas Jack.pdf

PASS Physics Resources from Australian Participants

In this Google Drive folder, you will find resources for a Year 10 Unit on Physics of Motion. The resources work towards an assessment where student modify an original Physics experiment that was conducted in class to identify the relationship between different variables. Students are required to design the experiment, collection and analyse data to draw justified conclusions. These resources were shared by Dan O'Brien from Bundaberg SHS.

Amoeba Sisters YouTube Channel

The Amoeba Sisters YouTube Channel shares stories from two sisters on a mission to demystify science with humour and relevance (also includes access to GIFs, handouts, resources, and comics).

Learn more here

Fighting Extinction – Zoos Victoria Resources

Zoos Victoria has released a new bank of curriculum resources for teachers of Science and STEM that focus on species extinction. Each Animal Toolkit has been curated by the Zoos Victoria Education team in consultation with Threatened Species experts. They contain a wealth of information including videos, scientific information, media links, actions you can take and links to the Australian Science Curriculum. There are Toolkits for many Australian species and also species from around the world. 

For Years 7-10 resources click here

Khan Academy Science

Learn about all the sciences, from physics, chemistry and biology, to cosmology and astronomy, across hundreds of videos, articles and practice questions.

Learn more here

Learn Genetics

An interactive website by the Genetic Science Learning Center - very good for senior classes. 

Learn more here

Professor Dave Explains YouTube Channel

Professor Dave's goal is to increase science literacy through video tutorials. 

Learn more here

Teacher's Pet YouTube Channel

This channel is full of quick science videos made by a science teacher in California, USA, for all to enjoy. 

Learn more here

United Nations World Water Day – Ground Water – Making the Invisible Visible

Be inspired! See what student reporters can do - World Health Organisation Health for All Film Festival 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) invited filmmakers, communities and students from around the world to submit original short films on health promotion. The festival aimed to recruit a new generation of film and video innovators to champion and promote global health issues.


The 2020/21/22 film festivals attracted 3,475 short film submissions from 110 countries. See films and award winners here