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PASS Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us, offering an exciting innovative way for students and teachers to explore the world. As AI becomes increasingly more common in technology applications, we need to better understand how it may affect our lives. Across all stages of AI development applying an ethical lens helps us ensure that AI is used for good and benefits all people, not disadvantaging or causing harm to particular groups. While AI has its benefits, it also has its challenges and issues. 

The course will use practical, freely available, online AI tools to enable students to build and test AI models to better understand machine learning, a subset of AI. Students will participate in this short course to learn about AI. After completing the course they will be able to apply their knowledge to a design challenge. 

AI and ethics course_PNG FINAL.pdf

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Short Course

Teacher Guide FINAL.pdf

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Teacher Guide

PASS Digital Clubs

Bung Bilong Teknologi

Digital Clubs’ Media Literacy is a series of workshops and resources that will effectively support teachers and students in their evaluation of and incorporation of media for personal and educational purposes.

The course provides a core set of literacies and protocols to ensure an effective and sustainable approach to how we consume media daily. Participants will consider their own experiences online and how they read and share media with their peers and followers on social media. With small projects and examples, participants will develop the skills to be safe online and share information responsibly.

Digital Clubs_Becoming Media Savvy_Teaching Guide.pdf

Digital Clubs Teacher Guide

PASS Exploring our World

Lukluk Painim aut long ples graun blo yumi

Exploring our World supports students to learn how to use Google Earth to tell a story that’s important to them. A series of activities show students how to access and use the different features and functionality in Google Earth, using examples from PNG and Australia. The activities develop STEM skills and important capabilities for the future as students learn to use Google Earth as a tool for finding geographic knowledge, exploration and storytelling. Students will be supported to develop a Google Earth Storytelling Project to tell a ‘getting to know you’ story of their choosing (our example is the story of the Kokoda Track in PNG!).

Teacher Guide_Exploring our World.pdf

Exploring our World Teacher Guide

PASS Foto Friendships

Poro Piksa

Foto Friendships supports students to become photojournalists. Through this activity, students will record one second of their day over four weeks to capture daily life, family, school, cultures and natural environment using the 1 Second Everyday free mobile phone App. Students will then compile their footage into a short video and share it with their peers. 

PASS_Foto Friendships_Student Workbook.pdf

PASS Student Reporters

Tokstori Niuepepa

Through Student Reporters, students will gain an insight into the fundamentals of ‘the role of the reporter’ and how to create a short audio report inspired by local events, news and items of interest. Students will explore techniques for researching, preparing, presenting and recording reports. Trainers include young female PNG-Australian writers, journalists and communicators.

Student Reporters_Student Workbook.pdf

Australian Computing Academy Resources

Access a range of resources created and curated by the Australian Computing Academy for students and teachers.

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Australian STEM Video Game Challenge Resources

The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge invites students to learn important skills for the future through the process of designing and building an original video game, with a range of resources available to support them. 

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A digital immersive experience celebrating Indigenous Australian song and dance.

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Download the accompanying Teacher Guide here.

Computer Science First with Google

A free computer science curriculum that makes coding easy to teach and fun to learn. 

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Computer Science Unplugged

CS Unplugged is a collection of free teaching material that teaches Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles that use cards, string, crayons and lots of running around. 

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Digital Technologies Hub

Find resources to help teachers, students and families learn about Digital Technologies. 

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NEO-Learning is an education platform built for primary school teachers and students to give access to quality First Nations digital arts content, resources and live virtual experiences.

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Python Introduction Workbook

This Python Introduction Workbook includes links to YouTube tutorial videos. This resource has been developed by Tim Bateup (Geek Tutorials), who has kindly agreed for Derek Ranclaud at Mountain Creek SHS to share it with the PASS community.

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Python Digital Technologies Workbook - Derek Ranclaud.pdf