Artwork Acknowledgement

The Mac Ruff Sketchbooks of Papua New Guinea

The Mac Ruff Sketchbooks were made from the early-1960s to the mid-1980s. They were drawn on location in villages in Papua New Guinea and from photographs. The drawings record distinct motifs taken from artefacts, ceremonial objects, canoes, long houses, etc.

PNGAus Partnership Secondary Schools sincerely thanks and acknowledges the Trustees of the Ruff Collection and the Architecture Heritage Research Centre, University of Technology, PNG, for their generous permission to use the sketches for this initiative.

Please note that the sketches cannot be reproduced without the express permission of the Trustees of the Ruff Collection.

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NorthSite Contemporary Arts
(previously known as KickArts Contemporary Arts)

NorthSite Contemporary Arts is a leading not-for-profit artistic company based in Cairns. Since 1992, the organisation has been recognised for presenting, strengthening and promoting the best contemporary artistic practice of Far North Queensland, through dynamic exhibitions and programs. 

From 2009, NorthSite operated a centre for excellence in printmaking, Djumbunji Press. The organisation was instrumental in the northern printmaking movement and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists early in their careers, many of whom now sustain an international practice.

NorthSite continues to retail limited edition fine-art printmaking through the NorthSite shop.

All artworks featured on this website are courtesy of the artists and NorthSite Contemporary Arts, Cairns. Published by Djumbunji Press KickArts fine art printmaking, available through NorthSite shop.

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