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The  Food Security Design Sprint is a blended model of delivery that will utilise the design thinking framework to investigate food security in the context of Asia-Pacific. The activities will provide an opportunity for PASS participants to: 

The Design Sprint will analyse food security through the lens of UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 which aims to end global hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agricultural practices. Utilising the rich knowledge of the Crawford Fund, participants will learn how climate-smart technology is being used to support agricultural development and innovation. 

At the end of the Food Security Design Sprint, your group will have created a prototype of a solution to a problem impacting food and nutrition security to assist on a local, national or international stage. After the Food Security Design Sprint, students will have the opportunity to refine their pitch and contribute to the global agenda through the Guided Project. 


The Food Security Design Sprint is designed and delivered by Chris Buswell, Director of STEM at AIS International and Heather MacDonald, Director, Education Partnerships. Both Chris and Heather will be there to facilitate, guide and support you throughout your design sprint journey

Chris is a multi-award winning EdTech and STEM education leader named the Showcase Queensland Teacher of the Year in 2019, and awarded a Commonwealth Bank Australia Teaching Fellowship in 2020. Chris is currently working as the Director of STEM at the brand-new K- 12 Australian International School in Dubai, whereby helping build the foundations of an innovative and world class school from the ground up, as part of the dual Education Queensland and KHDA systems.

Chris's experience extends globally as a school team leader, lead designer and presenter, as part of the PNGAus Secondary Schools initiative. Chris has previously worked as a STEM Specialist for Australia Awards, developing STEM capacity and communities of practice as part of the blended STEM Nau pilot in the higher education sector in PNG. As part of this commitment to building STEM capacity and long-term relationships, Chris has continued to volunteer his time to mentor those PNG lead educators that have provided him with a deep insight into traditional education and culture. 

Heather has been designing and implementing school engagement programs for Primary and Secondary Schools for more than 20 years. In that time, she has delivered innovative programs and resources for organisations such as the Australian and the International Olympic Committees, FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022, Sydney Cricket Ground and Sydney Football Stadium, Ed Tech companies and UNICEF Australia. Heather worked with the Crawford Fund to develop project-based high school learning materials which aim to excite educators and students to the impact of work around global food and nutrition security and the broad range of career pathways for students. With the Asia Education Foundation and the PASS Sprint, she aims to showcase Australian and PNG students’ creative ideas and give them ‘a voice’ to be part of the solution to climate challenges in Agriculture. Heather connects organisations to school students, educators and the Education sector through programs, resources and ‘money can’t buy’ experiences for both Educators and Students.

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Student Reporters is an online activity in PNG and Australia, including:

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Consideration of Apiculture (Beekeeping) could also be explored. 

Fisheries Units

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Food Security Design Sprint


Student Workbook_Food Security Design Sprint.pdf

Food Security Design Sprint Student Workbook

Food Security Design Sprint YouTube Playlist, including videos and session recordings.

Slides_Food Security Design Sprint.pdf

Food Security Design Sprint Slides

Journey Guide and Schedule_Food Security Design Sprint .pdf

Food Security Design Sprint Journey Guide

Dylan Male Guest Presentation


Step 1 – Welcome and Introduction

Step 2 – The Design Brief

Step 3 –The Global Food Security Issue

Step 4 – Team Name and Roles

Step 5 – Agricultural Food Security Perspectives  

Step 6 – Define the Problem

Step 7 – How Might We? and the Target Audience

Step 8 – Ideation

Step 9 – Prototype

Step 10 – Write your Pitch 

Step 11 – Pitch Share and Feedback

Growing FOod for the Future GUIDED PROJECT


Food Security Guided Project_Student Workbook.pdf

Food Security Guided Project Student Workbook

2022 World Food Forum video

Dr Yalinu Poya's interview with Maximo Torero