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The Shark Tank eSchool activity is a one-day, face-to-face, train-the-teacher workshop delivered during the PASS Expanding School Partnership Professional Learning Program in Brisbane. This program unpacks what entrepreneurism is and develops the skills of entrepreneurial thinking and mindset. 

The Shark Tank eSchool program simplifies the entrepreneurial enquiry process starting with the identification of a student nominated problem, then systematically applies a set of integrated activities while working towards solving the identified problem. The program’s problem-solving approach can be applied across a range of STEM subject domains. To sustain post-workshop momentum and efficacy in classroom implementation, ongoing coaching is provided to teachers over the 1st semester of 2023 (for 14-weeks) via individual email enquiry support, phone-calls, Zoom sessions and WhatsApp engagement.  

Shark Tank was designed by a specialist team of experienced educators and entrepreneurs and captures the essential activities within the entrepreneurial process in an easy-to-understand end-to-end process. Shark Tank currently works with teachers and students in 150+ secondary schools in SA, WA, QLD, NT, VIC and NSW plus schools in Thailand and Vietnam. 

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MIE Lab is an innovation agency that creates transformational products, services, brands and businesses. MIE Lab helps take businesses and start-ups from idea to market. MIE Lab's Shark Tank eSchool develops critical and creative problem-solving skills in secondary school students and educators. 

Dr Anton Jordaan is a serial entrepreneur having founded, grown, and harvested a number of businesses in the education sector. He has 30 years' experience delivering courses at postgraduate level, and to corporate clients in Entrepreneurship, Venture Creation, Project Management and Accounting in Australia, Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle-East. He has executive management experience having served as a director of a stock exchange listed company for 2 years and holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship.

Stella Bachtis is an experienced secondary and tertiary educator who has worked in Australia and overseas. Her areas of interest include online learning design and development, as well as teaching creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to young people. She is passionate about teaching and learning and is currently completing her doctorate in innovation and critical and creative thinking skills focused on pre-service teachers.



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Teachers attending the workshop receive a full module plan, outlining objectives, and key learning activities for each module. These plans are accompanied by a suite of resources aligned to each suggested activity. Included in the portal are suggested assessment activities and rubrics which have been aligned to various Australian Curricula. The Shark Tank eSchool program has pathway opportunities to various universities in Australia. Interested? Contact Stella Bachtis at