Tokstori Bilong COVID-19

A creative response to COVID-19

Take a look at your amazing Tokstori bilong COVID-19 creations here, including a beautiful video compilation of your work. Or find out more about what this project entails below, including criteria and idea sparks.

We would love you to share a short creative response to the question:

"How have you and/or your community reacted positively in the time of COVID19?"

We will then curate and share our collective responses on this website!


Your response can be 

If you are using photos of people, please ensure you have their permission to share these images online. Also, please do not use any pre-recorded music that you do not have copyright over.

If you are writing or singing in a language other than English, for example in Tok Pisin, it would be great if you could provide an English translation of your work.

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