NDoE STEM Workshop

Held in 2021, the NDoE STEM Workshop & Technical Support aimed to support PNG’s STEM curriculum writing team with an overview workshop and technical assistance from Australia on STEM education delivery in secondary schools. 

The objectives of the workshop were:

Please find the workshop highlights, recordings, presentations and additional resources below.

For all enquiries about this workshop and any follow-up questions for the presenters, please contact admin@pass.edu.au.

Workshop Highlights

Workshop Recordings

Use the playlist below to watch all the session recordings one after another, or find individual recordings featured further down.

Workshop Presentations

STEM in Australian Schools and curriculum_Robert Randall.pdf

STEM in the Australian Curriculum and Schools, by Rob Randall, former CEO of ACARA

STEM & the Environment at Zoos Victoria_Kirsty Costa.pdf

STEM and the Environment at Zoos Victoria, by Kirsty Costa, Education Innovation Leader

STEM in Agriculture at HAHS_Erika Dayaganon.pdf

STEM in Agriculture at Hurlstone Agricultural High School, by PASS Participant Erika Dayaganon, Agriculture Teacher

PASS Project WaSH-W Presentation_Pauline Suvi & Chris Harte.pdf

PASS STEM Experience with Project WaSH-W, by Chris Harte and PASS Participant Pauline Suvi, Aiyura NHS

Innovation in STEM at JMSS_Peter Corkill

Innovation in STEM at John Monash Science School, by Peter Corkill, Founding Principal

STEM Assessment Trends_Pam Robertson.pdf

STEM Assessment Trends, by Pam Robertson, Assessment Research Centre at The University of Melbourne

Workshop Resources


Workshop Program & Speakers' Bios

Download PDF here

National STEM School Education Strategy.pdf

Australian National STEM School Education Policy


ACARA STEM Connections Report

Design Thinking brochure.pdf

Design Thinking Brochure