Ol Lida Meri 2

All Women Lead



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OLM 2 is a professional learning opportunity that is focused on bringing together women in the education sector from across 12 PASS provinces to build their confidence, capacity, and skills as leaders. This women’s only opportunity aims to connect these leaders as a network and as activators of change in their communities by empowering their VOICE, working together as a TRIBE, and leveraging their POWER to lead improvement.


The Ol Lida Meri 2 professional learning activity will establish a network of 40 women leaders made up of 24 school leaders, 12 provincial education leaders and four National Department of Education leaders located in the 12 PASS participating provinces to: 


Ol Lida Meri 2 is specifically designed to support women leaders through a blended learning activity that builds on PASS Pilot Phase courses including Leading Learning and Ol Lida Meri 1.  


Anna Antonijevic is a leadership consultant and professional learning designer and Founder and Director of Deeper Futures. She works with educators, policy makers and school leadership teams to challenge and empower purposeful processes that generate clarity, depth and sustainability of effective transformation. Anna’s reputation as an education innovator has enabled her to lead large-scale innovation, action research and change projects across the education sector to inspire the redesign of adaptive learning systems. Anna grew up in Papua New Guinea. Follow Anna on Twitter and/or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Ol Lida Meri 2 will be co-facilitated by Pauline Suvi, PASS participant and Science Department Head at Sogeri National School of Excellence. Follow Pauline on LinkedIn

Specialist and Guest Speakers:

Sophia-Joy Soli
STEM Specialist

Louisa Rennie
Leadership Specialist

Ipul Powesu
GEDSI Specialist

Dame Carol Kidu
Female Politician


Ol Lida Meri 2 involves a four-day face-to-face program in Port Moresby as part of PNG’s National In-Service Week followed by a series of online, facilitated, synchronous workshops to progress projects and share learnings and actions using Google Meets.


The content of Ol Lida Meri face-to-face workshops in Port Moresby will be focused on: 


The online, synchronous Network Meets throughout August, September and October will provide opportunities for participants to check-in regarding the development of their projects with either an Inclusion, STEM or Leadership theme and grow the professional learning community.  In November 2022, the OLM Network will gather for an online culmination event to celebrate and showcase project achievements as well as plan for sustainability in 2023 and beyond.

What you need:


By undertaking this professional learning participants will: 


OLM DAY 1_ Your Tribe, Your Voice, Your Power.pdf

Day 1: Your Voice, Tribe, Power

OLM KEYNOTE_Mary Coverdale.pptx.pdf

Day 1: Mary Coverdale Keynote

OLM DAY 2 Digtial Skills Builder.pdf

Day 2: Digital Skills Builder

OLM DAY 3 & 4_ Designing for Women.pdf

Day 3 & 4: Designing for Women and Pitches

OLM LEADERSHIP_Louisa Rennie.pdf

Leadership Stream – Louisa Rennie

OLM STEM_Sophia Soli.pdf

STEM Stream – Sophia Soli

OLM GEDSI_Ipul Poweseu.pdf

GEDSI Stream – Ipul Powaseu

Ol Lida Meri 2 YouTube Playlist, including videos and session recordings.


OLM Retreat Day 1 (Jan 2023)

Day 1: Our Tribe

OLM Retreat Day 2 (Jan 2023)

Day 2: Reflect, Redesign, Refine. 

Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together.

As an OLM network we use this to collaboratively co-design and think together.