Ol Lida Meri 1

OL LIDA MERI -Tribe voice power.pdf


Presentation Slides

An Introduction to Ol Lida Meri

Introduction to Ol Lida Meri.pdf

YouTube playlist with recordings from OLM workshops

Your Pawa

Your Pawa_ Ol Lida Meri.pdf

Our Tribe

Our Tribe_ Ol Lida Meri.pdf

Our Culture

Our Culture_ Ol Lida Meri.pdf

Desing for Women

Design for Women_ Ol Lida Meri.pdf

Supporting Resources

Your Pawa workshop resources and readings

4 stages of gender awareness.pdf
Improving Girls’ Education in Papua New Guinea _ The Borgen Project.pdf
Invisible Women_ Exposing Data Bias In A World Designed For Men.pdf