Indigenous Astronomy Gallery

Indigenous Astronomy is designed to further explore the importance of oral traditions as a mechanism for storing intricate and complex knowledge, and the effectiveness of storytelling in communicating layered themes of information, encouraging students to find an Indigenous Story from their own local community and unpacking the knowledge contained within. PASS students were tasked with retelling a story in their own way by creating a picture story book, or creating a piece of artwork, performing a dance, etc. View the submissions in the gallery below. 

If you haven't submitted your story, please upload it to the PASS Google Classroom via this link:  

Alternatively, share your creations with us via ( or WhatsApp.


Cherrybrook Technology High School

Kerevat National School of Excellence

Mountain Creek State High School

Passam National School of Excellence

St Gabriel's Secondary School

Sogeri National School of Excellence

Sogeri_Indigenous astronomy project.pptx

St Paul's School, Brisbane