PROJECT WASH-W Prototypes & Updates

Below is a video compilation of your fantastic work, a recording from our Project WaSH-W Progress Sharing Session on 7 September during which some teams of students presented their ideas and prototypes, as well as a range of photos, videos and updates from all the schools undertaking this project. 

For more information about Project WaSH-W and to access all the materials to implement it in your schools go here

Project WaSH-W Showcase

Project WaSH-W Progress Sharing Session

Prototypes & Progress Updates

Aiyura National High School (Eastern Highlands)

Aiyura National High School is involving the whole Grade 11 students. Teachers utilised P.D lessons to teach the students about Design Thinking and were surprised to see the students' positive response. Pauline said 'it was motivating to see what we can accomplish as a school when we think out of the box'. The pictures show the students pitching their ideas and getting good feedback from both teachers and students, as well as prototyping and testing. The videos are from the prototyping stage. They are giving opportunities to everyone to contribute until they choose the best to work together with St.Paul's Anglican School.

WhatsApp Video 2020-10-14 at 8.50.04 PM.mp4
WhatsApp Video 2020-10-14 at 9.12.02 PM.mp4
Aiyura NHS_Project WaSH-W (2).mp4
Aiyura NHS_Project WaSH-W.mp4

Bundaberg State High School (QLD)

Below are some photos, images and documents showing the Bundaberg State High Team's progress with Project WaSH-W, including the team in action, a concept map to identify implications of poor WaSH-W, a Wordle demonstrating reoccurring themes from Empathy Interviews, informing the ideation and prototype of idea, as well as the first Prototype Idea - a Pen Pal Concept Contributing to Wellbeing and Awareness.

Bundaberg State High School No WaSH Concept Map.pdf
Bundaberg State High School Wellbeing - Pen pal concept.pdf

Cherrybrook Technology High School (NSW)

At Cherrybrook Technology High School, students undertook some water testing to devise strategies to filter water.  Below are some photos together with a scientific report that the students devised.

Water testing (1).docx

Gumine Secondary School (Simbu)

The team at Gumine Secondary School is working on the consistency of water supply to the school. Below are two photos of students testing their model and a video about their project.

Gumine Secondary School_WaSH-W Project.mp4

Hurlstone Agricultural High School (NSW)

At Hurlstone Agricultural High School, they did the design sprint in one day. Throughout the day, they asked students to record what are they thinking, as a self-awareness and self-assessment practice around collaboration. Below are some photos and a complete presentation from one of the student teams. 

Wottle Business Plan.pptx
Hurlstone AHS - HydroBag.mp4

Kerevat National High School (East New Britain)

WaSH-W Project -Clean Water System (Kerevat National High School) 2020.mp4

Mountain Creek State High School (QLD)

The team at Mountain Creek State High School started by undertaking a survey of the school community to identify what students and staff felt was most important to address in relation to WaSH-W, which received around 700 responses. They then narrowed the results down to the three main areas of concerns, namely social distancing, water usage, and hand sanitation, and came up with a range of ideas to address them, which they categorised on an impact vs effort scale. They decided to focus on a medium effort and high impact idea, which was to design some educational comic strips posters to put on the back on bathroom doors. Survey results and draft versions of the comic strips are included below.

PNGAus Student Survey results.pdf
PNGAus Staff Survey results.pdf

Mount Hagen Secondary School (Western Highlands)

The team at Mount Hagen Secondary School decided to focus on access to water, including water taps and sinks near the market and the labs, for their Project WaSH-W. They are also looking at rubbish disposal and have new rubbish bins installed near key buildings. Below are some photos and a video from students introducing their project.

Mt Hagen Secondary School_Project WaSH_W.mp4

Passam National High School (East Sepik)

At Passam NHS, they have taken Hygiene as their challenge for their WASH-W project. The students have cleared a new dump site for disposing tins, bottles and cans and also built a new burner for burning papers and plastics. Below are some photos on the new site and two videos of Daniel Dasah, 2020 PASS Student Leader, presenting their WASH-W project to his class and showing the old vs new dump sites.

WhatsApp Video 2020-10-15 at 7.46.37 AM.mp4

Port Moresby National High School (NCD)

The four participating Grade 11 students at POMNATHS are working on a wellbeing project, which they recently pitched to their 2019 counterparts and teachers for feedback. Below are some photos and a video from of their pitch and the feedback session, as well as a presentation of their project.

WashW Project presentation 2020.MP4
Stem group presentation.pptx

Sogeri National High School (Central Province)

Sogeri National High School has started working on a clean river system and wellbeing project. The first component is around waste management practice and removing PET bottles and juice cups from the rivers, making the water clean, which are then re-used to contribute to cooler, more work-conducive laboratory environment during hot sunny days, supporting their wellbeing. The project is called "Bio-shade" as it is using waste PET bottles, juice cups, and tin cans as pots and hanging plants to provide shade for the labs. Below are photos of the different prototypes made by students as well as their partially completed installation outside Chemistry and Physics Laboratories.  Students designed pieces to create a watering system too.

St Gabriel's Technical Secondary School (Western)

The team at St Gabriel's TSS is looking at building a hand wash station, with water storage capacity, near the toilets, to use when the taps are not working. See their design brief, diagrams and video below.

St Gabriel's_wash project.pdf
The Wash-Project_1-3.mp4

St Paul's School (QLD)

The team at St Paul's School had an initial meeting with staff and interested students to outline the project. They are running the design sprint mid-September and are hoping to do something together with Aiyura, who joined their initial meeting virtually. Aiyura raised two key issues:

St Paul's School already run a design project in year 7 science where students look at water filtration and build simple filtration systems, which they might be able to build on.

Wawin National High School (Morobe)

Students at Wawin National High School are working on two joint ideas: one around water conservation and one on bed bugs pesticide solution, with the water saved to be used in the pesticide solution. Take a look at their video updates below. 

Wawin NHS_Water Conservation.mp4
Wawin NHS_Bed bugs pesticide solution.mp4